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"Are You In That Mood Yet?!?!"

No, this is not SC3.

I had a lot to write and thought it'd be easier to read & navigate with this layout. SC3's allegedly coming some time before 2020, but in the meantime I'll be updating in phases, with a much-needed forum upgrade coming first. Extra features and the rest of the site will follow, but more on that after the new forum debuts.

What I can say now is I'm going to make a concerted effort to showcase good underground and unreleased rap, from all regions and sub-genres. I think hip-hop music is in a great place right now if you know where to look, but a lot of people from my generation (80's babies-- real 80's babies, not anyone born after the Mario/Duck Hunt NES package) have just given up all together. If you came up on 2Pac, Wu-Tang, Outkast, Ice Cube, Nas, and other multi-platinum artists with ridiculous talent, you might be understandably disgusted by the radio and TV nowadays. But the internet has made it easier than ever to keep up with good music, even before labels catch on. If you're disillusioned with nothing new to listen to, you have no one to blame but yourself. SC will be an easy medium to get your fix, and of course, discuss it with other rap addicts. Some of the best rap fans in the world post here.

In terms of quality music coming from every region and sub-genre, 2007 was arguably the strongest year in hip-hop since the turn of the century. With major labels signing fewer artists and selling less units, the "underground vs mainstream" paradigm is gone. Artists around the country have been taking their careers into their own hands, and putting out the music they want. This update is a recap of some of my favorites from the year. I still have a lot to catch up on myself, but this is a good start. If you'd like to find out more about a specific artist, I recommend looking up the artist's MySpace page, running a Google search for a target audience blog, or searching on youtube for official videos and fan-mixes.

I haven't updated in quite some time. If you've forgotten how many different ways I can say "this sounds good" over and over again, here's a reminder. Let's get it!

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