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Circuit Board Rules
The Circuit Board is monitored daily. Violating these rules may get you banned without notice. Please read them carefully before posting.

  1. Don't be lame.
    This can range from excessive shock value posts to horrible thread topics, but what's considered "lame" is ultimately left to the moderators' discretion. We're typically lenient, so you have to be pretty damn lame to get banned.

  2. Restrain your deviance.
    No posting pornographic, nude, obscene, or otherwise graphic pictures (or links to sites containing them). This is only allowed on the private forum, Hamsterdam.

  3. Don't spam.
    This can range from cheap advertising, to making numerous useless posts to raise your post count, or posting nonsense out of boredom. Posting is a privilege, not a right. Use it constructively, or it will be taken away.

  4. Respect Anonymity.
    No posting personal information about other members' real names, home phone numbers, addresses, or any info they haven't made public themselves.

  5. Stop being sneaky.
    No sharing user names, or taking part in any scheme or activity that compromises the forum. If you're a Gold or Platinum member caught sharing your username with a lurker or banned member, your username and IP will be permanently banned.

Some of these rules exist for legal reasons, others to provide a healthy environment. If you strongly object to any of these rules, you're welcome to behave however you see fit on another website.

IMPORTANT: Please note that this is not a court of law. If you violate a rule, you will not have the opportunity to argue your way out of it using loopholes and technicalities. If you're warned about your behavior, or any of your posts are deleted, take heed and move on. Arguing with moderators over deleted posts or warnings will result in a ban. We're not here to babysit anyone. If you behave like an adult and make constructive posts, you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

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