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Platinum Features
  • No Banner Advertisements
  • 8 Extra Skins
  • Unlimited Circuit Mail Inbox
  • PDA Support
  • Work-Safe Filtering Options
  • Quick Reply Enabled
  • Multi-Quote Posts
  • Extended Signature Options
  • Immunity from Random Bannings

  • Custom User Avatar
  • Custom User Title
  • Bookmark Posts and Threads
  • Song of the Day Module
  • Extra Profile Fields and Settings
  • Access to our private forum, Hamsterdam
  • Rate Threads
  • Create Polls
  • Skip Registration Queue

Purchase Details
  • All transactions are handled through PayPal, America's largest and most trusted online payment service. All funds are transferred securely, and none of your credit card or banking information will be viewed by anyone at SoundCircuit (including the owner).

  • is Pay Pal Verified.

  • Subscriptions are automatically recurring, but you can cancel at any time.

  • If you do not currently have a PayPal account, sign up now for free.

  • Platinum members are still subject to the same rules as regular members, and will be banned for violating them.

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